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  • Features
  • 'Simple Input II' is an application to imput weight measurement values by using a keyboard or import weight measurement valuses by an electronic balance through its serial port. The measurement values are exported to Microsoft Excel.

  • Operating Environment
  • Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8.1
    Microsoft Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013

  • Free Trial
  1. Install, Uninstall

  2. To install or uninstall Simple Input II, please make sure to use a login ID within the system administrator group.
    Using a login ID with 2-byte characters (Japanese, etc.) may produce errors during the installation process.
    In case of error, please login with a different user ID, including only 1-byte characters.

    2) Right click the Setup.exe and choose "Run as administrator".
    3) The setup screen shows up. To install Simple Input II, follow the instructions on the screen.
    4) When the installation is completed, Simple Input II appears on the Start menu.

    1) Select Add/Remove Program from the Control Panel. Choose Simple Counter.
    2) Follow the instructions to uninstall the program.
    After uninstallation, Simple Input II folder may remain in the installation directory and start menu.
    If the folder remains, please delete it manually.

  3. Starting Simple Input II

  4. When starting Simple Input II for the first time, or when registering User ID, please start Windows with Administrator privileges.
    Right click the Simple Input II.exe, and choose "Run as administrator".
    Except in the cases describes above, start Windows and 'Simple Input II' as usual.

  5. Usage

  6. 1) Select Input Device
    Select and setup the device to be used as an input device. Either an electronic balance or a keyboard can be selected as the input device.

    ■ Electronic balance

    1. Select the maker of an electronic balance from the [Input Device] list.
    2. Click the Transmission Settings >> button.
      [Transmission Settings] with the fields shown on the table below appears.
    3. Select the values for each field match with the input device selected.

    Field Description
    Port The number of the serial port connected to the electronic balance. ( 0 - 16 )
    Transmission Speed The speed of the connection to the electronic balance. (bps)
    (150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400)
    Number of data bits The number of data bits (bit length).
    (7, 8)
    Number of stop bits The number of stop bits (bit length).
    (1, 2)
    Parity bit The parity bit.
    (None, Even, Odd)
    * If the settings on the [Transmission Settings] are different from the settings for the electronic balance, the measurement value will not correctly be exported into Excel.

    ■ Keyboard

    1. Select 'KEYBOARD' from the [Input Device] list.

    2) Select A Direction of Excel Cell Movement
    From "Down," "Right," or "None," the direction of Excel cell movement on a spreadsheet is selected. The setting can be changed during the measurement.

    1. Select a direction from the list under [Move Selection After Enter].

    3) Start Inputting
    ■ Electronic balance

    1. Check whether the selected electronic balance is connected to a computer properly.
    2. Run Excel and select a cell for the first measurement value is received.
    3. Click the Start button.
      The screen gets minimized after the Start button is clicked.
      Simple Input II will be on standby to receive measurement value.
    4. To input the measurement value, press the [Print] key after each measurement is done. The measurement value will be inputted into the active cell on the Excel spreadsheet.

    ■ Keyboard
    1. Run Excel and select a cell for the first measurement value is received.
    2. Click the Start button.
    3. A "Keyboard" screen for the measurement value entry shows up.
    4. To input the measurement value, enter the value into the box on the "Keyboard" screen. Then, click the Enter button. The measurement value will be inputted into the active cell on the Excel spreadsheet.

    * If more than one Excel file is opened, measurement value will be inputted to the Excel spreadsheet of the very first file that was opened.
    * If Excel is not running at the time of measurement, a Excel file will be opened automatically to input the measurement value.

    4) Stop Inputting
    ■ Electronic balance

    1. Click [Simple Input II] on the taskbar. The screen shows up with its original size.
    2. Click the Stop button.
    3. A log file, "SimpleInputII.log" is created in the folder that Simple Input II was installed.
    * The log file will be deleted every time Simple Input II is executed. Every time Simple Input II is started, a new log file will be created.
    ■ Keyboard
    1. Click the Back button on the "Keyboard" screen.

    5) Exit application

    1. Click the close button X on the right top corner of the Simple Input II screen.

  7. User Registration

  8. This product has a limited trial period.
    After the trial period is over, Simple Input II functions will not work. If you are interested in continued use of Simple Input II, please purchase a registered User ID.

    If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at:
    H&T Corporation

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