Simple Counter

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  • Features
  • 'Simple Counter' is an application that blood cell counts and cell proliferations data are entered by a keyboard or neumeric keypad.
    As the application name tells you, the user interface and operations are simple and easy. Without taking users' eyes off from their experimentations, users are able to enter the counted results into the application just pressing designated keys as the times the items are counted. The results can be printed out or outputted as CSV format.

  • Operating Environment
  • Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8.1

  • Free Trial
  1. Install
  2. 2) Right click the Setup.exe and choose "Run as administrator".
    3) The setup screen shows up. To install Simple Counter, follow the instructions on the screen.
    4) When the installation is completed, Simple Counter appears on the Start menu.
    * Make sure to log in the system as an Administrator to install and uninstall Simple Counter on Windows Vista /7 / 8.1.

    * Using a login ID with 2-byte characters (e.g. Japanese) may cause errors during the installation. In case of the error, please log in the system with a different user ID, created only 1-byte characters.
  3. Uninstall
  4. 1) Select Add/Remove Program from the Control Panel. Choose Simple Counter.
    2) Follow the instructions to uninstall the program.
    After uninstallation, Simple Counter folder may remain in the installation directory and in the start menu.
    If the folder remains, please delete it manually.

  5. Usage
  6. 1) Select Counting Mode

       1. Select a mode from the [Mode] menu.
         ■ Leukocyte Counter Mode
    The items are Eosinophil, Monocyte, Basophil, Lymphocyte, N.stab, N.segment, Other white blood cells, and NRBC.
    Default value for maximum count is 100.
    If you wish to improve calculation accuracy by averaging 2 countings, check the [With Average].

         ■ Cell Proliferation Counter Mode
    The items are Negative and Positive.
    Default value for maximum count is 1000.

         ■ Reticulocyte Counter Mode
    The items are Reticulocyte and RBC.
    Default value for maximum count is 300.
    The resulting percentage displayed on the screen is calculated as [Reticulocyte / ( RBC x 9) x 100)].

       2. Select a View
    To switch the view from Counting Result View to Raw Data View, click the Counting result view(F8) button, presssh [F8] key, or choose [View]-[Change View].

    2) Start Counting

    1. Set a maximum count

    2. Users can set a maximum count value by entering the numbers into 'Max Count.' The maximum count value the users can be set is 30000.
    3. Enter Animal No. into 'Animal No.'
    4. Click Start(F5) button, press [F5] key, or choose [File]-[Start] to start counting.

    3) Counting

    1. Press a key corresponding to a number displayed under each counting item. The number keys on the keyboard and the nubmer keys on the numeric keypad are differenctly recognized.

         (e.g.) Counting mode: Leukocyte, Count item: Eosin, Designated key is [T7]

         This [T7] means the "7" key on the numeric keypad. If you wish to use "7" key on the keyboard, the designated key must be [7].

         To change the counting keys, please refer 7) Set Counting Items

    2. Every time the selected key is pressed, count increases by 1.
    3. When a mistake is made during the count entry, press the minus key [-] and change the display from '+' (plus) to '-' (minus). Then, press the counting key for the item you wish to change the counted result.
      * As the counted result is decreased by 1, the display will automatically return to '+' (plus).

    4) Stop Counting
    When 'Count’ reaches the 'Max Count,' the counting automatically ends.
    To stop the count entry before the counting reaches the maximum count value, click the Stop button.

         ■ Leukocyte Counter Mode
    If the [With Average] is checked, the program standbys for the second count entry after the first count entry is stopped. If the 'Max Count' value or 'Animal No.' is changed before the second counting starts, the next count entry will be treated as the first count entry.

         ■ Reticulocyte Counter Mode
    Counting ends automatically when red blood cells (RBC) count reaches the 'Max Count.'

    5) Data Output
    The counted result can be printed out or outputted as CSV format.
    The CSV format can be edited with various programs. (e.g. Notepad, Word, Excel)

    I. Print Out Counting Results
    1. When the counting is finished, click the Print button.
    2. Enter 'PROJ. No.,' 'User,' and 'Date'.
      'PROJ. No.' may be up to 10 characters, and 'User' may be up to 12 characters.
    3. If you also would like to output the result as a CSV format, check the [Output to file].
    4. Click the OK button.

    U. Save Measurement Results as a CSV Format
    "Save As" screen shows up if you check the [Output to file] on the "Project data entry" screen and click the OK button. From this screen, specifying the folder to save the file, creating a new folder, deleting a folder, and renaming a folder can be done.

    • Specify the folder to save the file

    • Click the Create a new Folder button. "Folder name entry screen" shows up. Enter a new folder name into the text box and click the OK button. A new folder is created under the folder you selected.
    • Delete the folder
      Select a folder you would like to delete and right click the folder. Show the right-click menu and select [Folder Delete].
      A folder can be deleted only if there is no file in the selected folder (The selected folder does not move to Recycle Bin)
    • Rename the folder
      Select a folder you would like to rename and right click the folder. Show the right-click menu and select [Folder Rename]."Folder name entry screen" shows up. Enter a desired folder name and click the OK button. The folder name is renamed.

    After the OK button is clicked on "Save As" screen, a folder, "Data" is created inside the folder that Simple Counter was installed. "Data. *CSV" (* is a number) is the counted result file and "Log*. CSV" (* is a number) is the counted result raw data file.

    6) Exit the application
    1. To exit Simple Counter, click theExit button or choose [File]-[Exit].

    7) Set Counting Items (* Leukocyte counter mode only)
    For Leukocyte counter mode, before the initial counting begins, the counting items can be changed.

    1. Click the Set counting Items... button and show "Leukocyte/Set items" screen.
    2. From the screen, set the keys and select items.
    3. If you wish to save the settings, check the [Save Settings].
    4. Click the OK button.

  7. User Registration
  8. This trial version has a limited trial period. If you would like to continue using Simple Counter, please contact us to purchase a license.

    (For User Registration)
    1) Choose [Version]-[Help] from the menu. Show the version information screen.
    2) Enter a User ID into the text box.
    3) Click the OK button to return to the counting screen.
    4) To complete the user registration, restart the application.

If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at: H&T Corporation

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