♠This system reflects researchers’point of view, so the system operation becomes easy without disturbing observations.
♠Both scheduled and unscheduled observation records can be entered by adding organs and findings to the list during the data entries.
♠“Alias Code” simulates multiple findings as a single finding by employing background data.


  • Create New Study (Basic test information entry)
  • Edit Study Information
  • Grouping
  • Standard Organ Master
  • Standard Pathology Findings Master
  • Study Organ Master
  • Study Pathological Findings Master
  • Gross Pathology Data Entry
  • Histopathology Data Entry
  • Individual Report (Gross/Histopathology)
  • Individual Pathology Data Report
  • Summary Report (Gross/Histopathology)
  • Data Management(Show/Hide Study data)

  * Supecification may change without notice.

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